History, Research, Development - Applying the fruits of trial and error to the process of creation. The theme for this season is “Challenge.”

Forms born through repeated study, we bring you a collection of even greater variation.

HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE took on the following three challenges:

Challenging “Color” Presenting a variety of large silhouette coats, t-shirts, and shorts, all bearing hand-drawn stripes, drawing inspiration from national flags of countries around the world. The vivid color combinations give a dynamic impression.

Challenging “Silhouette” Pants based on a hakama motif, or high-waist pants which can be styled with suspenders or belts; new-style pants bring breadth to styling.

Challenging “Technique” Patterns created from engraved wood-blocks, and patterns that merge hand-drawing and computer pixels, result in diverse techniques adopted for prints.

The “BASICS” series, where styling has revolved around casual and sporty items from the birth of the brand; The Jacket series, can be styled for both formal and business occasions; The “MONTHLY COLOR” series, presents new colors every month. Altogether, with this season’ s new items like jumpsuits and three-quarter length t-shirts, you can dress for all occasions with a broad selection of items.

Every day styling becomes more pleasurable with form and color in our Autumn-Winter collection.

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