Passing through a path full of sunlight in Mexico, we find a woody field. Women in traditional, colorful dresses are gathered at the village market. Therein lie the people who are adept at living and coexisting with the abundant nature that surrounds them.

This season, HaaT explores the image of such woody fields and the beautiful yet robust women who live there, depicting them in textiles and forms.

The cut jacquards are inspired by the colorful flower-patterned huipil blouses worn by women in Mexico.

‘Rebozo’, a shawl that represents the ultimate in exquisite weaves with splashed patterns, using Kurume Gasuri, and other traditional printing techniques.

The fabric was bias-cut and painstakingly sewn to achieve a sense of depth suggestive of shadows on a mountain range.

This collection captures the beauty and touching sights arising from the interplay of people and nature.