A silver world that continues to the horizon. In the severe environment of the lands found north of 45 degrees latitude, people live using the skills of their handicrafts during these long white nights. The inheritance of unique traditions create a beautiful clothing culture.

This season we have captured and transformed the simple textures of their materials and the natural colors of plants and animals into HaaT techniques, which are expressed in textile and form.

Woven and knitted wool fabrics, dappled with traditional patterns handed down to the Sami people. Shiny reverse cut jacquard reflecting the image of the vast land where animals and the Sami cohabit together.

Inspired by fur worn by the Inuit, Arimatsu Shibori (tye-dyeing) techniques have been used on soft Peruvian cotton. Patterns from the traditional Ainu woven fabric have been expressed on the coat with the application of cording-embroidery and fur.

Because of these lands of extreme cold, there is a warmth and charm in their method of making things, where functionality and beauty are pursued with patience and diligence. This HaaT collection reflects a wish to cherish this spirit of making things.